Great Gift Ideas for the Manly Men in Your Life this Holiday Season: 2017 Edition

  • Outdoorsmen

Weather the outdoorsman in your life is a hunter, backpacker, skier, fisherman, etc. It’s never too hard to come up with a good gift. Since it can sometimes be hard to tell what they need or want, you could simply give them a card and write inside that you want to treat them to a small shopping spree. It could be they don’t need any one thing in specific, but a lot of little things. If you can’t be there in person, you can always get them a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, REI, or any or the outdoors retailers they enjoy. They can even use it online to get especially hard to find items. Also, often times outdoorsmen will like getting something as a gift that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Maybe something they see as a luxury item. These can make great gifts because instead of money saved later, it’s a new toy NOW.

  • Garage Guy

Car, truck, motorcycle, and all around garage guys are fairly easy as well because if you ask them, there is always a new tool they want or need replaced. Although most garage guys will normally just go out and buy their own tools as they wish, maybe you can catch them off guard and help fill that void. Go to your local autoparts store and talk to some of the technicians. See what they think is some of the new, must have gear and trust them. If for some reason he already has it or doesn’t need it, save the receipt so he can get something he does need.

  • Sports Nuts

Sports nuts are probably the easiest because all it takes is a pair or two of tickets and they are set. If you are on a budget, use a website like SeatGeek to find the best deals on the best seats. If you can spend a little more, potentially book a trip on to see an away game in a city you’ve never visited. This is like two presents in one, a vacation and going to a live sporting event. If he has friends who like the same team, tell him to use the ticket on them and you will have a relaxing alone night or plan something else to do. If you share the same love for sports, even better!

  • Fitness Freaks

People who really take care of their body can be some of the hardest to buy gifts for. A lot of times, dietary restrictions, work out schedules, travel plans for competitions, etc. complicate things. If you can think of something that really stands out as a good gift, buy it. Otherwise, offer to cover a few months of their gym membership or a month supply of supplements. The fact that you want to support their choice to be healthy will probably mean almost as much as the gesture itself.

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