How To Stay Awake On A Long Road Trip

Did you know that the distractions during a road trip or just simply driving from one place to another are two of the main causes of road accidents? This is why you should never drive while you are sleepy or unwell, and another reason to have the roadside assistance by your side. There is also an option to buy car battery at Roadside Response website, so make sure to check that out.

One of the biggest problems in the USA, along with many other places is drowsiness during a car drive. There is a huge risk and great danger that will usually result in a big traffic accident that can lead to injury or death. Drowsy driving is a combination of sitting behind the wheel while being sleepy, which can never result in anything good.

Driving while you are sleepy can be very dangerous

As a grown-up, you should already know how important it is to pay attention to the road. This also includes no testing, eating or arguing with people in the car, as all of this can cloud your judgment when it comes to the road.

Drowsiness is dangerous

Nobody can predict the exact moment when we fall asleep, and that is why this can be very dangerous:

– Drivers who did not get enough sleep or are feeling unwell overall cannot pay good attention to the road.

– Drowsiness can affect our ability to have good decisions.

– It also affects our reaction time, which includes the time we take to use the breaks and steadily steer.


Did you know that an estimated 1 in 25 adults who drive (and this includes everyone 18 or over) have reported having fallen asleep when they were driving in the past 30 days? This means that in 2013, the drowsiness during driving was responsible for 72k crashes, 44k injuries, and 800 deaths. About 6k fatal crashes are caused by driving drowsiness every year.

Who are the drowsy people?

Because of this problem, many people include the roadside assistance to their contract, so if you are looking for a good provider, check out the car battery Adelaide from Roadside Response. While everyone can fall asleep while driving, there are some people who do this more than others:

– People who do not get enough sleep before a long drive.

– People who work in shifts, meaning night shifts or long ones (line on-call doctors…).

– Commercial drives; those who usually operate vehicles like tractors, buses and tow trucks.

– Those who use medications that have side effects of sleepiness.

– People who suffer from sleep disorders and they do not have them treated, for example: sleep apnea.

Have a good night’s sleep before your trip

Watch out for the signs of drowsiness:

– If you yawn too much while driving, you should not be behind the wheel.

– Missing your exit or your turn is also a sign of being tired and not paying attention to the road.

– If you find it difficult to remember the miles you have just driven.

– Drifting from your lane.

Final word

Remember that while you might not care that much if you get injured on the road while driving; you have a huge chance of injuring someone who is completely innocent. It is not only your life on the line, but someone else’s as well, so make sure that you pay attention to the road in front of you. It is simple really if you are feeling sleepy or unwell; you should take a cab or not go anywhere at all.

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