Various Types Of Boats – Which One Will You Choose?

Popularity of boating is rising every day in Australia and you can see thousands of boats on water every weekend. If you are planning to buy a boat, consider the various types of boats.

Besides various types, the largest distinguishing feature of a watercraft is its construction. There are two main types of construction materials – aluminium and fibreglass!


A common construction method is pressed aluminium for entry-level trailer boats. Pressed aluminium boats feature welded or riveted sides, hulls and pedestal or bench seating, and are usually small-sized and lightweight.

Another method is plate aluminium construction and it means a boat built using an engineered sub-floor frame, high-tensile, heavy-gauge aluminium cut from high plate and features a welded-in aluminium floor. The thickness of aluminium plate used for constructing recreational boats is 4 mm to 5 mm.

By far, pressed aluminium (tinnie) method is excellent for smaller boats that are going to be used on calmer waters like lakes, rivers and estuaries, whereas plate aluminium method is perfect for larger boats (more than 5.00m in length) that will used for offshore, bay and coastal boating.


Fibreglass is a popular material for building yachts and cruisers, and also some trailer boats. Fibreglass is put in moulds to create the deck and the hull, which are then connected together.

Hulls of some types of boats are filled with foam for extra buoyancy and sound-proofing material to decrease the noise of water hitting against the hull.

Fibreglass boats are typically weightier than aluminium boats and need slightly more care while boating. While aluminium has chances to dent upon hitting a rock, fibreglass may crack or chip.

Which of these construction methods is best for you depends on what type of boat you are planning to buy, and even more importantly, what you want to do with it.

If you want to import a boat, you should remember that you will have to undergo many formalities. For example, you will have to hire Dazmac for quarantine service in Australia.

Types of Boats

Bass Boats

With low, sleek profile, a bass boat is constructed to carry two to three anglers on board. They may be built from fibreglass or aluminium with the former being the most popular among tournament-style boats.


These are runabout-style boats and feature spacious seating in the open bow area. The stern features swim platforms that facilitate swimming or wearing wakeboards or skis.

Cabin Cruisers

These are lavish boats and include head, a galley and at least one berth. Amenities can include air conditioning, heating, power generators, shore power systems and water heaters.


Rather than the more common single hull, a catamaran features two hulls, and includes designs for diehard fishing as well as recreational cruising.

Centre Consoles

These are open fishing boats meant for rough offshore water to pursue sportfish. It usually features a baitwell and fish lockers in the deck which should be insulated to store fish iced.

Cuddy Cabins

Cuddy cabins are ideal for family boating, cruising, fishing and watersports, and are agile and manoeuvrable featuring a closed deck over the bow.


These are small boats (sailboats, rowboats, inflatables) that can be towed or carried by larger vessels like cruisers, houseboats or motoryachts.


These are bigger boats built particularly for pursuing gamefish like tuna, marlin and other pelagic species. They typically feature a galley for cooking and plumbing and sleeping berths. They are family-friendly fishing boats having the capacity of staying on the water for long.


These are constructed for providing holiday accommodation and/or living on the water. Featuring modern amenities and spacious floor plans, entertainment, dining and sleeping, houseboats are designed for weekend getaways, relaxing cruises and family boating fun.

Plus there are so many other types of boats you can choose from and you can even import a boat from Dazmac Logistics. Consider these types and choose the most suitable one for you to have big fun!

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