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Vehicle Manufacturers Seek Monopoly on Repair Parts

Based on an worldwide trade watchdog, The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), auto makers Honda and Hyundai have lately given their dealer repair centers guidance to inform customers to not use recycled auto parts. Based on the ARA, these auto makers are claiming recycled or used components will void vehicle warranties.

Recycled auto parts will be in wide use for many years with no challenge towards the quality or longevity of these parts which should affect warranty work. An irony of the recent policy shift is the fact that recycled Honda or Hyundai parts were made by Honda or Hyundai in their own individual factories.

Parts made by exactly the same company that created the initial vehicle are known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) repair parts within the automotive business. Salvage industry recyclers collect OEM parts off salvaged vehicles and provide them for purchase to parts to correct shops and consumers in an average 60% savings over new OEM parts as well as an average 30% saving over other recently manufactured aftermarket parts. Further, individuals recycled parts aren’t from the aftermarket variety they are simply OEM parts which are re-used following the donor vehicle is out and services information.

Therefore if recycled parts result from the OEM, reduce landfill volume by reusing automotive components destined for that garbage heap, and therefore are cheaper for that customer then how come Honda and Hyundai warning against their use?

Probably the most likely reason is obviously that automotive sales are lower using the ongoing sluggish economy. Auto makers are searching to develop their OEM repair parts business having a strong arm move against their clients. This leaves many consumers with no option to use recycled parts if they’re facing a voided warranty.

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